First Semester Physics Content

Physics 1 topics

Some odds and ends

How to convert units


Introduction to trig functions

An example of using trig functions to find the sides of a right triangle

two more right triangle examples

Introduction to uncertainty and least count

How to calculate a multivarible differential

 How to use differentials to estimate error

Introduction to Numerical Integration

Numerical Integration video 1

Numerical Integration video 2

Numerical integration 3

Numerical with trapezoids


1-d motion


Introduction to Velocity

How to find average velocity form a position graph

How to calculate displacement from a velocity graph

How to write equations of motion 

ex 2 of finding displacement from a velocity graph

ex 3 using velocity graphs

ex 4 using velocity graphs

Introduction to 1-d acceleration


Acceleration caused by gravity demonstration



Example of a 1 d motion problem with 2 objects

Donald’s Rocket

Trapper’s Cow

max height of a rocket




Vectors and projectile motion

What are vector components?

How to find vector components

How to add vectors using method of components

example of adding two vectors

What are unit vectors?


How to write equations for a projectile

Fight off the Black Pearl!




Newton’s Laws of Motion


 Introduction to Newton’s First Law

Introduction to Newton’s Second Law

Introduction to Newton’s Third Law

How do draw a free body diagram

Free body diagram examples 1

Free body diagram examples 2

example of free body diagram of a moving car

How to calculate the force of gravity

Introduction to coefficient of friction

Newtons Second Law example 0. Bill pushing a car

Newtons Second Law example 1

Newtons Second Law example 1 with friction

Newtons Second Law example 2

Example of Newton’s Second Law, and graphical study of motion

How to write Newton second law equations in 2-d

A Cow Pinata?


T-rex pulling boxes

Timmy on a rocket

Example 2 of Newtons Second Law

Example 3 of Newtons Second Law

Example 4 of Newtons Second Law


Example 6 Newtons Second Law. Da Bear




Principles of Work and Energy

What is work?

Introduction to work

Calculating work in a 2-d problem

Introduction to Energy

Introduction to Kinetic Energy


4 examples calculating work

what is a conservative force?

A little more about gravitational PE

The general work energy theorem


These videos are new as of 2-26-2016

How to calculate work in a 2-d problem

Work energy ex -2

work energy ex -1

work energy ex 1

work energy ex 2

work energy ex 3

work energy ex 4

work energy ex 5

Introduction to Power

short example of calculating average power

Calculating the average power of a car moving up an incline

Box spring incline


Momentum and Impact


Introduction to momentum and impulse

Why we use momentum for impacts

How to draw an impulse/momentum diagram

How to write momentum equations for an oblique impact

Momentum example -1

Momentum example 0,  1-d impact

Momentum example 1

Momentum example 2

Momentum example 3

 Momentum example 4

Momentum example 5

Impulse example


Circular Motion

What is centripetal acceleration?

How to find the speed and centripetal acceleration of an object in circular motion

circular motion example 1

circular motion example 2

Circular motion example 3

Circular motion example 4

circular motion example 5

How to find the acceleration of an object in circular motion


Torque and conditions of equilibrium


Another intro to torque

torque ex 1

torque ex 2

torque ex 3

 torque ex 4(equilibrium)

torque ex 5(equilibrium)




Rotational Motion

Introduction to angular velocity

rotational motion of a car tire

Introduction to Moment of Inertia

example of calculating moment of inertia for some point masses


Parallel Axis Theorem

Parallel Axis Theorem example 1

Calculating moment of inertia of  a system of point masses

Calculating Moment of Inertia of a linear mass distribution(221 only)

Newton’s Second Law for rotation example

Newton’s second Law for rotation example 2

Work energy with rotational motion example 1

Angular Momentum example 1



Newtons Theory of Gravity

Newton’s Law of gravity

gravitational field with PE

Geosync orbit

Calculating the escape speed of earth

help with 35


Mechanical Vibrations

How to solve a second order homogenous differential equation

Mechanical Vibrations video 1

Mechanical Vibrations video 2

Mechanical Vibrations video 3

Mechanical Vibrations video 4 frequency of a simple pendulum



Introduction to the thermodynamic variables

Introduction to the thermodynamic variable II

Introduction to thermal expansion

Introduction to thermodynamic variable, heat, and internal energy

Introduction to Heat and Internal Energy

Introduction to specific heat

Thermodynamic expansion

specific and latent heats 2

specific heat and Latent heat ex

specific heat ex 1

First Law of Thermodynamics

Introduction to PV diagrams and work done on a gas

Introduction to Heat Engines

Another introduction to Heat Engines

Heat engine example



Help with Unit VI HW