Physics 241



Introduction to the dot product

 example of dot product

 How to find a displacement vector and then a unit vector

How to write a force vector in unit vector form


Introduction to Torque

2-d Example of Calculating Torque about a point

how to use the vector definition of Torque(Moment of Force)

How to find the Moment of Force about a line



How to find a centroid

example of calculating a centroid

How to replace a distributed load with a single force vector

distributed loads video two

Help with 4-145

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Please watch the videos below  before wed(10-12) and add the following to your hw

chapt 6   5,13,17

Structural Analysis Video 1

Structural Analysis Video 2

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October 14, 1016.

Please watch the following videos.

Introduction to shear and bending moment

 calculating shear and moment example 1

Add chapter 7 numbers 1,5,7,11,15 . See you monday.



Shear moment diagram     I will post at least 1 more video on this soon

After watching he video above, please add chapter 7 numbers  47,51,53,61,77,79,81  to your hw.

Shear moment diagram ex 2  ( this one is pretty long. Pay attention to the first half)

Shear moment diagram ex 3

Shear moment diagrams ex 4

Shear Moment diagrams ex 5




Dealing with the force of friction

 What is the coefficient of friction?

Where does the normal go?

friction ex 1


Please watch the videos below and add  85,87,89,95, and 97 to your hw. These are in chapter 8.  11-11-2016

Friction acting on a belt

friction on a belt ex


After watching the videos below, please add 55,61,71,79

How to find the centroid of a composite geometry

Another example of finding the centroid of a geometry


Hi folks. Please watch the videos below and add these problems to your hw list.

chapter 10          3,9,20    chapter 9       39,43

How to find the centroid of a 3 d geometry using integration

Moment of Inertia by integration


IN this video, I discuss numbers 7-95 and 8-27