Physics 243 Dynamics

 1 and 2 D motion


12.65 part 1

12.65 part 2(Numerical Solution for t)

Describing 2 D motion in Cartesian Coordinates

example 1,  2 D motion in Cartesian Coordinates

example 2, 2 D motion in Cartesian Coordinates


help with 12.127

help with 12.123


projectile motion example

 Constrained Motion example 1

Constrained Motion example 2

Relative Acceleration example

Relative velocity and acceleration example


Newtons Second Law 

example 13-28

Hints for 13-37

Hints for 13-59


Below are examples of Newtons second law in cylindrical coordinates

Newton 2 cylindrical example 1

13.70 part 1

13.70 part II




 13.104 part II


The Work Energy Theorem

What is work?

Work defined in terms of vectors

How to find work in a 2-d problem

work energy ex 0

work energy ex 1

help with 14-51

Momentum and Impact

Introduction to Momentum and Impulse

How to draw impulse/momentum diagrams

Impulse ex 0

Impulse ex 1

How to write momentum conservation equations is 2-d

Oblique impact video 1

How to write momentum equations in tangential and normal directions

 Impact ex 0

Impact ex 1

Impact ex 2

Hints for 15.57

Impact ex 3

Impact ex 3 15.59

Impact ex 4 15.60



Rotational Motion about an axis

Introduction to angular velocity and angular acceleration

Angular Velocity and Acceleration

Calculating velocity and tangential acceleration due to rotation

Rotational Kinematics ex 1

Rotational Kinematics ex 2

Help with 16.4



Relative Motion

Instantaneous Center of Rotation

Finding velocity and acceleration of a point moving on a body

16-140 part I

16-140 part II

help with 16-137



 Moment of Inertia

Moment of Inertia


 Example 1 calculating moment of inertia

Example 2 calculating moment of inertia 

Parallel Axis Theorem

Moment of inertia by PAT

Calculating area moment of inertia by integration

help with 17-13

help with 17-87

help with 17-91

help with 103

help with 17-45 and 55

help with 17-115

help with 17-77


Newtons Second Law for Rotation

Intro to Newtons Second Law for rotation

 Newtons Second Law for rotation ex 1


Planar Motion

Newtons Second Law for plane motion

How to write Newton Second Law equations for a rigid body

ex 1

ex 2

ex 1 Newton Second Law for planar motion

ex 2 Newton Second Law for planar motion

ex 3 Newton Second Law for planar motion




Work and energy for rigid bodies with planar motion

example of work energy with rotation

example 2 of work energy with rotation


Angular Momentum

Introduction to angular momentum

Angular momentum of a rotating body

Angular Impulse

Angular momentum example 1

Intro to Vibrations

How to solve a second order homogeneous differential equations

ex 1 of solving a second order DIFF EQ

Introduction to Mechanical Vibrations

Introduction to Mechanical Vibrations part II

frequency of a simple pendulum

vibration example 3

frequency of a 1/2 disk




acceleration for 2 d motion