Math 142 summer 2016


Hi folks,

Here are the video content for you to review. Get some popcorn and enjoy!


two examples of differentiating functions with exponential functions

example of logarithmic differentiation

example of differentiating natural log function

examples of integrating functions with the ln function

example of finding area bound by a tangent function

from 6-6-2016

example of Integration of logarithmic function

example differential equation to describe exponential growth


Inverse trig functions

How to differentiate an inverse trig function


Introduction to Numerical Integration 6-13-2016

the sound on the two videos below did not work. I will remake them when I get a chance

How to use excel and the Goldy Lock method to evaluate an integral

 Hot to use excel and trapezoids to evaluate an integral



Here are the video for the June 16 th class. The topic is integration by trigonometric substitution.

ex 1 integration by trig sub

 ex 2 integration by trig sub

 ex 3 integration by trig sub

 ex 4 solving a differential equation by trig sub


Your hw for this section (8.4) is 1-57odd

Your take home quiz over these videos are the following problems


Please work these one problem per page and show all work for full credit. These are due monday june 20th at 7:45am.



Videos from June 14 2016

Integration by Parts

example 1 Integration by Parts

 example 2 Integration by Parts


Videos from June 15 2016

example finding area using integration by parts

Integration of powers of sines and cosines

example of integration using trig sub


June 21 2016

example of integration by partial fractions

Criteria of convergence of 1/xP


June 22 2016

area and volume of Gabrial’s Horn

example 1 improper integral


June 28 2016

Geometric Series ex 1

proving convergence of a series by ratio

proving convergence by integral test



Videos for July 1 through July 6

What is a Taylor Series?

example of calculating a Taylor Series

Take Home Quiz 10.8   16,34,36

Homework over Taylor Series is 10.8 1-35 odd

The quiz and HW are due Wed July 6.



Some Review for your final exam

finding the volume of a solid of revolution

Finding an area by integration

estimating areas

estimating areas ex 2

 exact area by remien sum


June 20 2016

what is a power series?

 checking power series for convergence


July 5 2016

Taylor Series ex 1

Taylor Series ex 2

parameterization ex 1

parameterization ex 2


July 6

Calculus of parameterized curves ex 1

Calculus of parameterized curves ex 2

 Calculus of parameterized curves ex 3

July 12 2016

Intro into plotting in polar coordinates

ex 0 graphing in polar

ex 1 graphing in polar

 ex 2 graphing in polar


July 13 2016

area and arc length in polar

area in polar ex 2