Math 141 summer 2018



example of calculating a one sided limit

examples of calculating limits involving trig functions


Hooray for asymptotes!

example of finding asympotes

How to use asymptotes to graph

examples of how to find one sided limits of rational functions



What is a derivative and how is it found?

example of finding a tangent line


Greeting math 141 students. Summer 2018. Please watch the videos below about linearization and the videos below about extrema. that is the 10 videos below from what is linearization and how to you find it  to two example of finding extema. These are over sections 3.9 and 4.1. Please try the hw in those sections before Monday.


What is a linearization and how do you find it?

ex 1 linear approximation

ex 2 linear approximation

ex 3 df versus delta f

ex 1 Ussing differentials to estimate small changes 

ex 2

The chain rule of differentiation

 examples of applying the chain rules



What are extrema and how do you find them?

two examples of finding extrema



 Related Rate example

implicit differentiation



optimization ex 1

optimization ex 2 (beer can)



first and second derivatives as graphing aids

ex 1 finding inflection points and rel extrema



How to find a function from it’s derivative

How to estimate the area under a curve

area estimate example II

How to make your area estimate exact



definite integral with U sub ex 1

definite integral with U sub ex 2

area by integration





what is a definite integral?

evaluating a definite integral

ex 2 evaluating a definite integral

Bound area example



bound area ex 1

bound area ex 2

 bound area ex 3


solving first order equation ex 1

 solving first order equation ex 1

solving a higher order DEQ





How to find an average function value

Volume by integration

Volumes of solids of revolution

Volume by the shell method


Hi math 141 students summer 2018. Please watch the 5 videos directly below this before Monday july 9th. see you Monday. Rod

Numerical calculation of area under a curve

Using excel to integrate

How to set up an integral for arclength

how to set up integrals for surface areas

example of calculating surface area for xy=1



How to find a centroid

 example of finding centroid

how to find centroid ussing excel