Radi 121 Fall 2017


Unit 1  Math review, units, and 1 dimensional motion

 Unit conversions

Unit Conversions 2


Introduction to velocity

How to find displacement from a velocity graph

Another example of using velocity graph

 motion ex 1

 motion ex 2

Trapper’s cow


Help with 7-10

help with 12 AND 13







Unit  2  Newtons Laws of Motion

 Introduction to Newtons First Law

Introduction to Newtons Second Law

Newton Second Law example. Bill pushing a car

Help with 11

problems 1 though 5



 Week 3  Principles of Work and Energy

Introduction to work

Introduction to Energy

when is work positive and when is it negative?

Introduction to energy concepts

Energy example -2

Energy example -1

Energy example 0

Energy  example 1

energy example 2

Energy example 3

Energy example 4

Energy example 5


Week 4  Power

Introduction to Power

How to calculate average power


Week 5  Charge, the Coulomb Force, and the Electric Field


Protons, neutrons, and electrons

Introduction to Coulomb Force

Example of calculating Coulomb Force

Intro to Electric field

Introduction to the Electric Field

How to draw electric field vectors

How to calculate an electric field from 2 point charges

Introduction to Electric Potential


Week 6   DC circuits


electrical power

Another power video

How to draw a circuit

dc circuit example




How to calculate the coulomb force


Intro to current and ohms law

example of proton accelerated through potential difference

How to draw a simple circuit diagram 

simple circuit example

simple circuit example 2

an example of a proton accelerated by a potential difference

Help with HW numbers 1-5

Help with HW 6-9

Help with HW 14,15,21











Week 7  The Magnetic Field and Magnetic Flux

 intro to magnetic (B) fields

magnetic versus electric fields

Right Hand Rule

RHR examples

magnetic field around wires

magnetic flux

Week 8 AC Voltage 

intro to AC voltage

Intro to Faradays Law of Induction


overview of vector fields

help with magnetism hw

help with AC circuits and transformers


1 and 6






Week 9 Atomic Structure 

Protons  Neutrons Electrons

Structure of the atom


Week 10 Waves and EM Radiation

Intro to waves

Electromagnetic radiation

Electromagnetic spectrum

Structure of the atom


Inverse square law

inverse square law example


Atomic Spectra and Bohr theory

Intro to Bohr Theory of the Atom

Intro to Bohr Theory II

How to find a photon frequency for a Hydrogen Atom

Example 2 for finding photon frequencies


overview of waves and hydrogen atom

help with 1-4

help with 6-9