Math 125 Spring 2018

Unit 12

Solving equations that are quadratic

How to factor the sum of two cubes, difference of two cubes, and difference of two squares

examples of factoring 4th power polynomials

4 factoring examples

12.1 17



Simplifying rational expressions(12.1)

Multiplying rational expressions(12.1)

Simplifying complex fractions(12.3)

Solving equations containing fractions(12.4)

Introduction to Variation(12.5)

Examples of variation(12.5)

work example 4 on hand out

work example 5 on hand out

Uniform motion ex 10 on hand out


Unit 13

13.4 solving equations containing radicals

13.5 a Simplifying radicals with exponents

13.5 B  back and forth between exponents and radicals


Unit 14

14.1 A Solving quadratics by factoring

14.1 B Solving quadratics by taking square roots

14.2 A Solving quadratics by completing the square

14.3A Solving quadratics by using the quadratic formula


More videos on Module 14 posted 2-16-18

Examples of solving equations that have radicals  14.6

examples of completing the square

Application problems out 14.4


Hi folks, the videos below are posted 1/23/18. Please watch and try the suggested problems. I will be creating a quiz based on these videos and examples. Be ready for the quiz Tuesday. The quiz will be worth 20 pts.

A general video about 14.4

ex 2 on 14.4     then try problem 1

ex 10 on 14.4   try problem 10 on your own with out looking

ex 21 of 14.6A     19,17, and 21 without looking

ex 8 on 14.4      try  7 and 9




Also, please watch the video below and start your notes for chapter 16. I don’t want to get far behind, and the quiz Tuesday will take up some time. Have a great weekend. I’ll see everyone on Tuesday.


Introduction to exponential functions

What is a logarithmic function?

Start on your notes for 16.1


HI folks, below is the end of your chapter 16 notes and the some review for your exam IV.  3/2/19

16.5 notes

compound interest ex 1

compound interest ex 2

These videos below are the beginning of your Test IV review. They are example problems from some of the tougher topics. The videos  include suggested practice problems similar to what I see on the test. Enjoy!


Graphing exponential functions

Graphing log functions

expanding and condensing log equations

Testing data sets for functions


Here is the second part of your notes over quadratic functions. HW is 15.1 A,B, and C and 15.2 A and B  odds for both. I will not collect this until Thursday. It’s not a short assignment, don’t put it off.

15.2 notes part 1

15.2 notes part 2

15.2 notes part 3


How to sketch a graph of a hyperbola centered at origin

How to sketch a graph of an ellipse centered at origin


HI folks. Below are the videos for 18.1 and 18.2. HW is the odds as usual. I will be giving you a quiz over this stuff on Tuesday match 26.

Introduction to sequences and series

Sequence examples video 1

How to find the nth term of a sequence

Finding the sum of a sequence video 3

How to write a sequence in expanded form

How to find the nth term in a arithmetic sequence video 4

How to find the number of terms in an arithmetic sequence video 4.5

Finding the sum of an arithmetic sequence video  video 5

Finding the sum of an arithmetic sequence video 6

Finding the sum of an arithmetic sequence video 7

Applications using arithmetic sequences

Applications using arithmetic sequences vid 2

Below are videos over 18.3. We will be covering this as well as 18.4  in class Tuesday 3-27.   see next week. Rod

Introduction to Geometric Series

How to find the nth terms of a geometric sequence

How to find the sum of a geometric sequence

More examples of finding the some of geometric sequence

How to find the sum of an infinite geometric sequence

More examples of how to find the sum of an infinite geometric sequence

Application examples for geometric sequences

Application examples for geometric sequences vid 2

Hi folks. if you don’t have the chapter 2 notes, there are copies in the box just outside my office door. Please make sure you pick up both copies. Here are the videos I want you to watch over break.

2.2 vid 1

2.2 vid 2

2.2 vid 3

2.3 vid 4


2.3 vid 1

2.3 vid 2

2.3 vid 3

2.3 vid 4

2.3 vid 5

2.3 vid 6

2.3 vid 7


2.6 vid 1


HW over these sections is the odds. Please try and have them done our first Tuesday back. There will likely be a quiz over these sections on when we come back. I will try and post a couple more videos over the chapter 18 application problems when I get a chance. See you after break.




Here are some videos to start reviewing for your unit 18 exam

Calculating combinations

Exam review for chapter 18



Algebra of functions vid 1

Algebra of functions vid 2

Algebra of functions vid 3

Compositions of functions vid 1

Compositions of functions vid 2

Evaluating functions vid 1

Graph transformations vid 1

Tests for symmetry vid 1

Test for even versus odd vid 1


Regression vid 1

Regression vid 2


Final exam review vid 1