Hello world!

Welcome to KCC Staff Sites. So glad you’ve made it this far in navigating materials and information about KCC and your courses! 

As a professor of Reading and Learning Strategies at the college, I teach student who take everything from Basic Reading (TSRE 55), Writing Improvement (TSEN 95), Freshman Composition (ENGL 151), Introduction to Literature (LITE 105) to First Year Seminar (FYS 101) and Service Learning (SERV 100).    

I enjoy learning from experimenting with new teaching strategies in all the courses to keep them interesting.  I specifically enjoy college level instruction as I love the work of Malcolm Knowles (father of andragogy) who suggests the following:

  • Adults need to know why they need to learn something
  • Adults need to learn experientially,
  • Adults approach learning as problem-solving, and
  • Adults learn best when the topic is of immediate value.