Adjunct Faculty Page

Welcome to my Adjunct Faculty webpage. My name is Tom Rose and currently I am an adjunct professor for Kellogg Community College. Currently, I adjunct for five (5) different departments. I retired as a full-time Faculty Professor in the OIT (Office Information Technology) department on August 1, 2020. I served 19 years with KCC beginning my career in Information Services July 2001.

My first career was in Law Enforcement with the Coldwater Police Department. My career expanded almost 27 years from November 11, 1974, to August 11, 2001, when I retired as a sergeant with the department.

I currently teach Introduction to Criminal Justice (CRJU101) for the Public Safety Education department and proctor MCOLES (Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards) in the summer months. I also teach classes for Lifelong Learning (LLL), Workforce Solutions, and I tutor Office Information Technology and computer technology in the Center for Student Success (CSS) lab located in the Ohm building.

I have taught every Operating System and Office Suite Microsoft has developed. I began teaching for Kellogg Community College as an Adjunct Instructor for Lifelong Learning in February 1999.

Prior to becoming a full-time faculty, I spent 10 years working in I.S. (Information Services) now known as IRT (Information Research & Technology). I spent my first two years working at the Eastern Academic Center (EAC) when they opened the doors in 2001, as the lab technician for the center.

From 2003-2007, I came to the main campus and managed the Help Desk operations. My first task was to put the Help Desk together and get the Ohm building technology in place. The Ohm building was new in 2003.

For the next three years (2007-2010), I was the Technology Training Manager. It was my job to train all faculty, employees, and Adjunct Faculty the different software’s applications that we used at the college. I put together 27 different programs for training and worked with students to support their needs.

In 2011, I went into the faculty side of the college and became a full-time faculty. I started in the Open Entry/Open Exit program. We taught 28 different modules where students were able to come in on a flexible schedule to do their work for the semester. The lab was located in the Ohm building, room 106. This room was later divided into two rooms: Ohm 106A and 106B. These rooms are used for the FYS (First Year Seminar) program, and I use them for Lifelong Learning, One on One training sessions.

If you need any help, please feel free to send me an email or stop in the Center for Student Success lab located in the Ohm building, room 207. To find when I’m available, go to the Tutoring Services webpage and scroll down the page to see the current Tutoring Schedule. Stay Safe and have a great semester!

Adjunct Professor Rose