Literacy is a bridge from misery to hope…~ Kofi Annan

While the bulk of my vocational and career goals is primarily in/on teaching mathematics at the two-year college level a small aside interest revolves around:

— Understanding the nature and meaning of teaching mathematics
— Teacher-self efficacy for teaching mathematics effectively
— Two-year college mathematics education as a formal field of study

If these items are of interest to you, and you’d like to help me on this journey to learn, I’d be happy to hear from you.
(tannord*at* kellogg.edu)

Individuals, Writings/works from/about individuals I’ve found invaluable

  • Ama Ata Aidoo (Fiction)
  • Deborah Loewenberg Ball (Math)
  • John Lennox (Math, Religion, Philosophy)
  • Kweku Ananse (Folklore)
  • Leila Aboulela (short stories)
  • Nicholas Wolterstorff (Philosophy)
  • Paul Ernest (Math)
  • Ravi Zacharias (Religion)
  • Wander Garner (Math)

Professional development opportunities that I have found invaluable

Other Engagements

To approach the other in conversation is to welcome his expression, in which at each instant he overflows the idea a thought would carry away from it. It is therefore to receive from the other beyond the capacity of the I, which means exactly: to have the idea of infinity. But this also means: to be taught. The relation with the other, or conversation, is a non-allergic relation, an ethical relation; but inasmuch as it is welcomed this conversation is a teaching. Teaching is not reducible to maieutics; it comes from the exterior and brings me more than I contain. In its non-violent transitivity the very epiphany of the face is produced.~
Emmanuel Levinas