Contact Me

Communication with Professor: 

Hello! I am Professor Craig R Mack and will be your instructor for the semester. When you email me or reference me in a posting, either Prof. Mack or Craig is fine. Please review pages 2-4 in the Pocket Prof for etiquette tips on communicating in electronic formats.

The best, easiest way to contact me is through email. You will want to use your KCC email address (all students are issued one, for free, when you register for classes) to contact my KCC email address: My spam filters will junk non-KCC addresses. You can email through the KCC Portal or through the Moodle class site.

I will check my email at least once per week day. While I do check email most weekends, I am not always able to respond immediately. I will reply to emails within two (2) business days. Therefore, an email sent on a Friday will be returned by the next Tuesday at the latest.  

I also have Virtual Office Hours (where I am checking email continually for an assigned block of time).

Visiting me during posted office hours is the second best option to use to contact me. My office is in the C-building on main campus in Battle Creek, room 401-I. Click on this link for a map of KCC’s main campus in Battle Creek. I am on the north side of campus (the left side of the map).

Voice mail is the next way to contact me. My office phone number: 269-965-3931 ext 2352. I will check my voice mail at least once per day during the work week. I do not regularly check voice mail over the weekend.

We can also schedule a specific time outside of office hours to meet on campus if needed. Please use one of the above methods to discuss this option.

Office Hours:

Mon; Wed 10:00-11:00
Tue; Thur 9:30-11:00

Virtual Office Hours–Email I will be continually checking my email during this time for immediate student feedback without you having to make a visit to campus:

Friday 9:30-11:30

 Getting help with computer/Moodle

For Technical Support questions, please contact the Help Desk–Information Services Dept or call (269) 965-4148 or visit the library on the main campus, where the Help Desk is located.

Hours of operations: M-F: 8 AM to 5 PM

The Help Desk will only help with NON-Content questions. Computer or Internet issues–not assignment questions. Please make sure you are using the Forums for class related questions.

Please post all questions about the course (including computer based ones) in the Forums. I will respond to those questions within 48 hours during the work week. When you do post a question, please feel free to email me to alert me to go and look for your inquiry. I will not respond to the email but will to the post. All questions you might have should be posted because if you have the question, so will other students–we can answer many inquiries at once. Also, if you know the answer to someone’s question, do not wait for me to respond–go ahead and post the answer

The only exception to this guideline is if you have a question about a specific item on a quiz/exam or a personal issue, such as an illness. Then you should email me directly.

The best place to look for answers to small questions is your classmates or your group members. Email them if you need an answer within 24 hours. Use the Send Email option (with your KCC email address) located under Tools. If you have posted to the Discussion Board, emailed your group members, and looked through the assignments and syllabus and are still confused, email me directly.